With our in house lab analysis machine, our hospital is capable of performing many of the diagnostic test that previously needed to be sent to an outside lab. This means that in many cases we are able to identify your pet’s problem and initiate treatment immediately instead of waiting for lab results. Biopsy specimens and more in depth testing are done through our contract with the highest quality outside lab. The use of our x-ray machine and automatic processor can give you diagnostic quality pictures in less than 15 minutes.


From routine spays and neuters to complicated orthopedic and optimal surgery, our hospital can provide your pet with the highest quality surgical care. Pre-surgical lab screening is available on site to assure underlying factors which may affect anesthesia are identified and addressed. During surgery, monitoring of your pet’s temperature, pulse, respiration and oxygen saturation are performed to ensure a safe and effective anesthetic episode. Post operative pain management medications are available minimize any discomfort your pet may experience. 



Your pet’s dental health is of extreme importance. Studies have shown that dental tartar and periodontal disease are leading contributors to heart, liver and kidney disease. Our dental cleanings are performed with an ultrasonic scaler to remove existing tartar. This procedure is then followed by a professional polishing, which decreases the rate of which future tarter develops on the teeth.


We offer veterinary supervised boarding for both dogs and cats. Should your pet require medication, you can feel comfortable knowing that veterinarians and trained veterinary assistants will administer their medications as prescribed. In an effort to ensure your pets comfort and care, our boarding is limited, please call in advance to make your appointment.  


We offer a complete grooming service for your cat or dog by professionally trained groomers. Our groomers can trim your pets to meet the breed standard or customize the groom to your specifications. Grooming services are offered Monday – Friday. We also offer routine bathing, nail trims and ear cleanings. All pets must be up to date on vaccinations, call in advance to make an appointment.


In an effort to provide you and your pet with the best care possible, on occasion, we may refer you to trusted specialist in the area. These may include: 

MedVet Medical and Cancer Center For Pets:

(985) 626-4862 or www.medvetforpets.com

South Paws Veterinary Surgical Specialist:

(985) 809-1509 or www.SouthPawsVet.com

Southern Veterinary Eye Care: